the girl with broken heart

My eyes are field with blood. My heart it broken and you can’t heel it again. I just wont to smile I’m tired of crying. I just waned to run away bet I just can’t I love you gay and I will so long I live. 

My hands are field of blood. I have broken many hearts and I can’t heel them again. I just wont to laugh I’m tired to kill. I just wanted to stop to hurt bet I just can’t I start to kill just more and  more and I will so long I be alive.

 My heart is looking fore more. My life is to cry and I can’t stop to kill everyone everyday. I wont to die I’m tired of killing. I just won’t to go to hell bet I do so everyone go to death. I won’t to make me a better person.

 Now my dreams be alive. I can’t kill and I’m writhing this from hell. I’m a girl ho have done many things wrong ho I’m not so pried of. I look live I happy girl bet I’m filed with hate and tears. I do have friends bet I just couldn’t trust me so they be punish by me. So everyone are happy I’m died and my family and friends can be happy and lived in happiness.  

här får ni en av minna gammla dikter
puss och kram ///malin


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